Our Pre-K program is designed to best assist the children be ready to enter kindergarten and continue to have success in school by developing a love of learning.  Just like the preschool program, these children will have to opportunity to improve their academic, social-emotional and physical skills. 

The Pre-K classroom prepares children to meet the requirements for entering kindergarten by focusing on continued development of vocabulary, mathematics and social skills. The children are introduced to an early reading program, using sight words, writing skills and a continued ability to participate in child-directed interest centers that are developed to guide understanding and learning of math, science, and art skills.

​Our Pre-K program provides a comprehensive curriculum which builds upon the material taught in the preschool. It is structured around weekly themes that includes the following:

  • ​Creative Art
  • Music with movement
  • Motor skills
  • Science / Nature study
  • Social Science
  • Language Arts
  • Alphabets
  • Cognitive development
  • Computer lab
  • Sensory stimulation
  • Math