Toddlers are exploring their environment and becoming more independent both in language and physical skills.  These skills will be enhanced by our toddler teachers who will guide the curriculum based on the interests and skill level of the children in the classroom.  Activities in dance, yoga, music, language, math and science will be introduced to stimulate the milestone being met at this age (15 months-2.9 years).

Schedules are introduced to guide learning by providing structure and continuity for the toddlers to explore.  Toddlers are introduced to circle time with books, songs and repetitive games to enhance language and communication skills and teach children how to act in a social group setting.  All groups also have time outside to extend learning from the classroom. 

All children develop uniquely and the teachers guide this learning by modeling behavior, language and building self-esteem among the toddlers.  As with the infants, teachers provide a note at the end of the day that shows the physical needs being met as well as activities in which the children were offered to participate in. The note also includes a personalized message from teachers emphasizing an activity that your child expressed great interest in. A good way to extend learning into the home is repeating new terms learned during the day or singing familiar songs.

Our Toddlers program provides a comprehensive curriculum based on weekly themes that includes the following:

  • ​Creative Art
  • Music with movement
  • Motor skills
  • Science / Nature study
  • Social Science
  • Language Arts
  • Cognitive development
  • Sensory stimulation