During the preschool years children are given more varied opportunities for self-reliance and problem solving skills.  Teachers here will continue to provide educational activities by breaking groups into centers that the children will be able to choose from and assist in guiding their own learning.  The teachers provide varied activities to stimulate communication, problem solving, dramatic play, art, math, and science, writing and social skills through our “Bucket Filler” program.  Through these centers, children have an opportunity to learn at their pace, work in small groups or large groups and explore their capabilities through a number of play experiences. 

As always children will have outside program time that will let them engage in free play and extend learning and social skills to outdoor activities.  The teachers here have an excellent knowledge and background in creating curriculum to meet the needs and energy levels of children in the preschool program.

Our preschool program provides a comprehensive curriculum based on weekly themes that includes the following:

  • ​Creative Art
  • Music with movement
  • Motor skills
  • Science / Nature study
  • Social Science
  • Language Arts
  • Alphabets
  • Cognitive development
  • Computer lab
  • Sensory stimulation
  • Math