Our son (almost 3 now) has gone to Gurukul since we moved to the area last year.  Gurukul provides a loving environment and lots of fun, enrichment activities.  He especially enjoys getting his hands a little messy with the craft projects.  His teachers are some of his best friends, and he often talks about his teachers and classmates at dinner when telling us about his day at school.  Thank you, Gurukul.


Gurukul is great in accommodating my children and coordinating their care with the autism center next door. Their time there has been very helpful in their intellectual development.


"Our daughter has been with Gurukul Learning Center for about two years now. In these two years our experience with GLC has always been a positive one. They have a very dedicated and experienced staff who love their job and take care of kids very well. They have accommodated all reasonable requests that I have made. The environment is very nurturing and educating to kids and I would recommend this place to my friends and family."


What our parents say about us

My son has been going to Gurukul for the past 4 months. I feel Gurukul staff make a sincere effort to entertain, engage, make sure that all of the little ones feel special and keep the place clean. I noticed some great improvements with my son and he is thriving. I am confident in leaving my child in the hands of Gurukul staff. When I joined my toddler son, he was paid special attention until he got used to the day care which gave me peace of mind. As a full time working mother and a single parent, I feel that my son is receiving good care and education during the time I am not with him. The teachers and staff does a great job in all facets of learning. Thank you for all you do.


"​GLC is great! The teachers are kind and caring, always doing fun projects with the children, and put a large emphasis on early learning.  In particular, the lead infant teacher is incredible and makes me and our littlest daughter feel so special.  The center is clean, affordable, and follows state standards exactly.  I also love the preschool to me app that they use, where I get to see daily pictures of my girls having fun and a report of what they learned, ate, and any information for the next day.  Also, the staff is really good about trying their best to get the kids outside as much as possible, which is really important to me and my family!  Thank you so much GLC!"


"Gurukul Learning Center has been wonderful with my daughter Jocelyn. When I started there - I was so worried that she wouldn't adjust or would not be able to sleep on a mat and yet everything worked out quickly and easily. Their online system means I understand what she learned and what happened during her day as well as what she needs replenished. The staff is wonderful and hardworking. They really adore the kids. I would recommend GLC to anyone!​"

Jill Reynolds

"We absolutely LOVE Gurukul. We've only been here for a month, but our daughter has progressed SO MUCH. When we started we had concerns about her lack of vocabulary progression, her hesitation to do things, and just generally making sure she was learning enough. She's expanded her vocab, she communicates her needs better both vocab as well as signs. She marches(proudly!), climbs, uses toys she wouldn't touch before... and you can actually do a craft with her without her eating all the supplies now. As a busy Mom, I LOVE being able to get updates on my child throughout the day. I can see what she's eaten, how much and when she slept, and even get adorable photos sent to brighten my days. I truly couldn't be happier!"

​Ruthie Sheehan

My two boys have been attending Gurukul Learning Center since January of 2019. We had moved across the country to be closer to family in Massachusetts and had to start them in a brand new daycare. The teachers at Gurukul did a wonderful job helping the boys transition to a new center during that time. And now that over a year has passed, they are both flourishing and love going to "school" to see their friends and teachers. My almost 5 years old will be more than ready to start Kindergarten in the fall. I cannot say enough good things about Gurukul and feel that my boys are safe and well-loved throughout their days there.